Be on the Lookout for what’s new in 2024 at Sun Mountain Lodge.


If you haven’t been to Winthrop recently, it’s time to plan a trip. With so many exciting renovations and updates, our entire team is looking forward to welcoming you.

New Spa Location

view from the new spa

We have some fantastic additions to showcase during your visit to the Lodge. One of the highlights is the construction of a brand-new spa in a breathtaking location. Even more exciting is that it will soon be expanded to a full-service spa! It will be ready to indulge our guests starting Mother’s Day weekend.

The Lookout

Another noteworthy feature is the unveiling of the Lookout, a new building on the property. This charming structure will serve as the halfway point for our sleigh rides, taking hot chocolate enthusiasts to the crest of a hill with panoramic views of Mt Gardner. With its rustic wooden beams and antique windows, the Lookout promises a magical experience. We’re already dreaming of creative ways to use it during warmer months.

Tamarack Dining Room

In addition, we’re excited to announce renamming the Dining Room to the Tamarack Dining Room, coinciding with the announcement of our new executive chef, Jeremy Taisey. Jeremy brings a wealth of experience, incredible accolades, and a repertoire of inventive dishes that will delight our guests.

Motor Home View Spots

For those seeking an overnight escape, we’re excited to share that twelve new Class-A motor home hookups will be ready this spring. Positioned along the drive up to the Lodge, these sites offer breathtaking views of Patterson Lake.

New Modern Rooms

You may have already seen the newly renovated rooms in the Main Lodge featuring walk-in showers with their sleek appearance. You’ll soon find updates on all of our guestrooms and even the cabins as well. Our accommodations will soon be even more comfortable, promoting a relaxing ambiance.


You’re also welcome to explore our impressive wine cellar if you haven’t had the chance to do so already. Trust us; it’s truly a sight to behold.

We can’t wait to share these exciting developments with you and create memorable experiences during your visit. If there’s anything specific you’d like to explore or if you have any special requests, please feel free to let us know in advance.

Looking forward to your visit!

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