Can I book two or more rooms at the same time?

If you have a group of five rooms or more, please contact our Group Sales Manager:

Ashley Austin
Director of Sales

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Notice of cancellation must be given 21 days prior to arrival date or the guest is responsible for the entire stay.

Are pets allowed at Sun Mountain Lodge?

Bring your favorite canine family member to the Patterson Lake Cabins!

Sun Mountain Lodge has special doggy beds with with washable covers and crates to rent, food and water bowls, and maps with pet-friendly trails and a special toy for your furry buddy!

Cabins *except* #612 and #613 are pet-friendly. Guests complete a Dog Waiver upon registration and pay a nightly fee of $75. Some restrictions apply. Please contact our Reservations Department for more information.

Pets are not allowed at the main Sun Mountain Lodge facilities.  Boarding is available, contact Aspen Kennels.

What department handles discount or promotional coupons?

Please contact Reservations at (509) 996-2211 or email

How can I modify my reservation?

Please contact Reservations at (509) 996-2211 or email

Does Sun Mountain Lodge extend discounts to AAA members?

Yes. Please contact Reservations at (509) 996-2211 or email

Will my credit card be charged upon booking a room?

Yes. Our policy is to charge your credit card for the first night’s lodging with the balance paid upon check-in.

Does Sun Mountain Lodge charge resort fees?

Sun Mountain Lodge charges a $23 per room per night resort fee.  A portion of this fee supports the Shafer Museum in Winthrop.

Is Sun Mountain Lodge ADA compatible?

Yes, Sun Mountain Lodge does offer ADA-compatible guest rooms and conference facilities.

Can the Dining Room accommodate dietary requests?

Of course. Vegetarian and Vegan options are always available. We also have menu options that are gluten-free.

Are televisions available at Sun Mountain Lodge?

Our guest rooms are television-free. We also have widescreen televisions available in the Bar and Grill and in the sitting room located directly across from the Wine Cellar. Many major sporting events are viewable in the ballroom.

We look forward to welcoming you. (509) 996-2211

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