Established by our founders and owners, Sun Mountain Lodge has always retained a deep-rooted passion for our natural environment, employees, guests, and community in the Methow Valley. It’s part of our DNA. From 1987 until 2022, the Haub family wove a theme of responsibility in all we do, from sustainable practice opportunities to our connection to our employees and community programs. We also understand our community reaches beyond the mountaintop we’re fortunate to operate from, throughout the Methow Valley and across the mountains to our customers and those leading non-profits we support.


Our employees, guests, and community connections catalyze our success. Many often have global origins and help us maintain a continual respect for all people from all places, from diverse cultures and ethnicities. As the largest private employer in the Methow Valley and the 7th largest private employer in Okanogan County, our sense of responsibility to all our staff is strong. We strive to provide continual opportunities for our staff while delivering the highest level of service to our guests, supported by rigorous guidelines for customer experiences, employee rights, and professional management systems.


We continually look for ways to give back to and support our local community. Whether it’s engaging local craftspeople, contractors, Methow farmers, guides, and non-profit organizations, we seek opportunities for economic, social, and environmental impact. Our partnerships are near and far-reaching:




Sun Mountain Lodge is committed to neutralizing environmental degradation and maintaining the open spaces we operate from. While we and our families live and play here, too, we love the ability to share our incredible natural resources with our visitors. We’re committed to looking for incremental ways to ensure future generations have the same opportunities. Our sustainability projects and focus include the following:

  • Maintaining our vast trail system
  • Challenging destructive development
  • Supporting a “dark skies” concept with minimal, non-intrusive night lighting
  • Managing our private water treatment infrastructure and implementing efficient systems, including dripirrigation, where possible.
  • Installing electric vehicle charging stations for our overnight guests, including (2) Tesla dedicated systems.

Whether it’s for play, romance, work, or travel, be inspired…Sun Mountain Lodge.

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