The Methow Valley bursts to life with a kaleidoscope of wildflowers, adorning the landscape with vibrant colors. Lupines, Indian paintbrushes, and glacier lilies stand tall, while shooting stars and buttercups add delicate touches. Their sweet scents, like wild roses and lavender, fill the air, creating a captivating spectacle and supporting essential pollinators. Nature’s artistry is on full display in the Methow Valley.


Experience the peak of spring beauty from the end of April through mid-May. You’ll find wildflowers throughout the summer and autumn as well.

Find the Flowers

The season typically starts off with bare, snow-patched hills and just a few Yellowbells, Bluebells, and Spring Beauties peeking through.  As the season progresses, the hills are bathed in a golden glow as the Arrowleaf Balsamroot takes over.   Next comes the purple Lupine, then later in the season, you’ll see Dwarf Sunflowers, Indian Paintbrush, Cat’s Ears, Larkspur, Lady Slippers, and more.  Wildflower season typically stretches out through late summer.  At that time, the flowers fade, and the glorious fall color season begins.

  • Yellowbells
  • Bluebells
  • Spring Beauties
  • Dwarf Waterleaf
  • Arrowleaf Balsamroot
  • Lupine and Desert Parsley
  • Bitterroot
  • Purple Coneflower with a Western Swallowtail Butterfly
  • Penstemon (Beardtongue)

A fantastic article on the wildflower season is available here.

The various seasons and colors are an amazing sight to see at any time of the year!

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